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Greg Baxter
Jun 22, 2018

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My name is Greg Baxter. I am not a resident of Jasper, but very interested in becomming one or at least purchasing a cabin or property there and was hoping for any advice or recommendations from any who may choose to chime in. I spent 2 weeks up there last September helping my friends aunt, Joanne Treywick, close her cabin for the winter. As can be understood, I fell in love with the area, the idea of being off the grid, and downsizing to a more simpler life materialistically anyway, since I know living there would take some hard work. My thoughts would be to be a full time resident and I know that means dealing with the snow. Any full-timers on here that can tell me some of the ups and downs or recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks to all


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    Hello fellow people of Japser, we are new here in town and wanted to introduce ourselves to you all. Kevin Miller, Jerry Sommers and Dude here. Jerry has been hired by the HOA as Caretaker to watch over our dreams up here. We are living up here year round and super excited to be a part of the community here. Here is our contact information: address: 21465 FSR 250 Cabin: 719-852-8846