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Nov 1

Oct 31

Hello fellow people of Japser, we are new here in town and wanted to introduce ourselves to you all. Kevin Miller, Jerry Sommers and Dude here. Jerry has been hired by the HOA as Caretaker to watch ov
Oct 11

Sep 13

Dear Jasperinians, We are considering purchasing property/or a home in Jasper and plan to be visiting over the next week. We would welcome the chance to meet with any locals to learn more about the
Blaine Bryant
Sep 12

Hey everyone this is Blaine. I am gonna be checking on everything for this winter. This is my email and phone #. Please use email as primary contact! blaineyboy822@gmail.com 7198504336
Larry Wolcott
Aug 19

September 30, 2018
Aug 11

Road is now open to Jasper Creek.
Jul 19

Notice the dumpsters have been moved to 1006 N. County Rd 2S, Monta Vista, CO. They are located west about a 1/2 mile - 2nd house on the south side of 2S(Rock Creek Road). Gray house with a green mai
Jul 11

I would like to thank everyone who attended the Annual meeting/Picnic. We had a turnout of about 80 people. Food was awesome as usual. It is always nice to see old friends and meet the new ones. O
Robert Dunnington
Jun 22

We were in Jasper on Thursday and the temporary "bridge" over Jasper Creek was in place and usable but rough. The road FR 250, was closed at Wightman Falls due to the river being out of it's banks an
Nov 1

Don Welch
Oct 25

Ran across this study that was done by the Colorado State Forest Service in conjunction with local area officials. So far no one I have mentioned it to here in Jasper knew it existed. It is a hit of
Oct 9

Larry Wolcott
Sep 13

Thanks Mike for raising awareness to drug abuse and celebrating so many lost lives. Rest in peace to our beloved friends Don Simpson, Avicii and Jon Posner. https://mikeposner.com Godspeed, brother.
Sep 7

The Forrest Service has completed (9/6) the much needed grading of Blowout. They even graded all the way to 250.
Aug 12

what is the scoop on the phones up there? Heard nobody has had phone service????
Larry Wolcott
Jul 23

Just a quick note to say thank you for the thoughtful gift. I received a nice card and gift certificate for Quincy's in Alamosa. Well, I'm always happy to help and have been supporting the web site fo
Jan McGinness
Jul 18

water, do we test the spring water for chemicals such as aluminum??? Or just bacteria?
Don Welch
Jun 30

Is anyone else with a Landline experiencing phantom rings every morning? Almost every morning our phone will just do these little "half rings" periodically. Sometimes they as re one right after anoth
Jan McGinness
Jun 21

When do they anticipate the road being opened West?