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Oct 23

new to Jasper here....


Edited: Oct 24

Hello fellow people of Japser, we are new here in town and wanted to introduce ourselves to you all. Kevin Miller, Jerry Sommers and Dude here. Jerry has been hired by the HOA as Caretaker to watch over our dreams up here. We are living up here year round and super excited to be a part of the community here.


Here is our contact information:

address: 21465 FSR 250

Cabin: 719-852-8846



Jan McGinness
Oct 24

Hi Jerry, Kevin and Dude. Welcome to Jasper ! We're glad to have you here as part of our community and caretaking our property. Looking forward to meeting you in person. We are up behind you to the north. North of Hoffman's cabin. We will be leaving Fri. Oct 25 but look forward to meeting you next summer. We feel better knowing someone will be here. Again, welcome !

Oct 25

Jan, thanks for chiming in we look forward to meeting you all as well, Feel free to give us a call on the number at the cabin at 719-852-8846, we will be forwarding the number around to our cell phones to be best available. Take care talk soon and safe travels to you.


Where is home?

Oct 26

Glad you guys are here. Have a safe winter.


Steve and Tracey Schlabra

Larry Wolcott
Oct 28

Welcome to Jasper, Kevin, Jerry and Dude!


So glad to have you and your timing is perfectly serendipitous with our need for a live-in Jasper caretaker. Many of us enjoy winter visits and also sleep a lot better knowing someone is there looking out for our community. Sorry we weren't able to stop in and say hello last week but things were a little crazy, as you know.


-Larry, Marisa, Nico and Angelo

Oct 29

We are also doing our best to keep up with weather reports and road conditions...Posted on the weather page



Jan McGinness
Oct 31

We like pictures too, hint hint.

Don Welch
Oct 30

Great to meet you guys last week... esp Dude ;-) Want to really thank you for the activity on the forum here... weather and road reports will be invaluable to those of us who like to visit in the winter! See you in December! Don and Sue

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    Oct 25

    Ran across this study that was done by the Colorado State Forest Service in conjunction with local area officials. So far no one I have mentioned it to here in Jasper knew it existed. It is a hit of an eye opener to say the least! Out of the nearly 100 homes in the greater Jasper area, only about 10 are expected to survive a forest fire. The maps with the red "x" or purple check Mark's (survivable) are sobering! The document is in pdf format and can be downloaded here: https://csfs.colostate.edu/media/sites/22/2019/06/CWPP-RioGrandeSouthArea-April_2019.pdf So is your home a red X, or a purple check?