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Jan 7, 2018

New Jasper Forums!


Edited: Jan 8, 2018

Well, friends and family, it's 2018 and time for a major upgrade to the dusty old Jasper forums. We started 14 years ago and the technology has outlived it's usefulness by a few years. We now have a modern forum that links with all of your favorite social media. Also as many of you know, the old site basically quit working properly a few years ago and wouldn't allow for new members. This was because the technology was constantly being hacked so I had to disable new member logins. Believe it or not, it was mostly Russian hackers trying to use the site to create links to their schemes to gain credibility with the search engines like Google. No kidding, I couldn't make that kind of stuff up! At any rate, I'm very excited to start fresh and allow for a new and vibrant Jasper community on the web.


Similar to the old forum, I encourage you to participate and have fun with your neighbors. Please do share pictures, videos, recipes, stories or whatever is on your mind. I do ask that we please keep it friendly and civilized, no trolling or foulness in general. The web is a free place to express your views and opinions. There's lots of places to bicker about politics and complain about stuff but this place is not one of them. We're all about rainbows, flowers and unicorns here in Jasper. Ha.


Please take a minute to sign up for the new forums because the old logins do not work here. I will be reposting some of the old stuff here but it will be a little at a time.


Happy New Year, 2018 and welcome to your new JasperColorado.com!


-Larry Wolcott



Jan 12, 2018

This looks awesome Larry! Thank you for all the time you have spent on this. It's so wonderful to have a way to connect to the place we love. Connie G

dara / swankyandmig
Jan 29, 2018

@ Larry - I love the nifty new look! Thanks!




Feb 20, 2018

job well done! looks good

Feb 23, 2018

Thanks what a difference a decade makes heading up to the forty soon will send updates

John Groves
Nov 9, 2018

Great to see. Last logged in as mule. love jasper

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    Oct 31

    Hello fellow people of Japser, we are new here in town and wanted to introduce ourselves to you all. Kevin Miller, Jerry Sommers and Dude here. Jerry has been hired by the HOA as Caretaker to watch over our dreams up here. We are living up here year round and super excited to be a part of the community here. Here is our contact information: address: 21465 FSR 250 Cabin: 719-852-8846