The Jasper Property Owners Association, Updated 11/06/2020

This website is not affiliated with the Jasper Property Owners Association and the information is being provided as a community service. The web site is owned and operated by the Lost Elk Lodge, LLC. which is a commercially zoned and licensed business in Jasper, Colorado.

Jasper Colorado is a covenant controlled community. All property within the subdivision is subject to membership in the Property Owners Association (POA). The POA is a volunteer organization established to ensure a lifetime of upkeep and maintenance of our community.


  • Kelly Curley - President

  • Kevin Edger - Vice President

  • Gary Branch - Secretary/Treasurer

  • Marshall Wayne Ray

  • Rebecca Johnston

  • Earl Browning

  • Kelly Slater

  • Steve Schlabra

  • Carl Hill

Architectural Committee

  • Dave Slater

  • ?

Caretaker:  Jerry Sommers 719-852-8846

Jasper Resources:

Jasper Property map

The Bylaws and Covenant’s

Previous Meeting Minutes