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Jan 8, 2018

Internet in Jasper

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Yes folks, there is internet service available from several satellite provides. The typical cost is around $65 per month for basic service which is severely bandwidth limited. It's great for making phone calls, checking email, news and surfing web sites and social media. Also, many newer mobile phones support Wi-Fi calling so this enables your mobile phone in Jasper, which is rather remarkable. For many decades, we've been limited to land-line phone service but wireless is finally a reality, although not publicly available.


However, due to the limited bandwidth of satellite service, streaming videos and movies are pretty much out of the picture. In fact, just two or three movies can often consume the data cap for an entire month and you will find yourself purchasing $10/gig for additional data. This is very expensive and makes it prohibitive for streaming video. To put this in to perspective, if you watch 1 HD video on NetFlix, it will cost you $20 in data overage charges.


At the time of writing, Jade Communications in Alamosa is the most well known installer / provider to the Jasper community. Their web site is here: https://gojade.org/

Monna Hubbs
Apr 22, 2018

Gosh, I bet I couldn't live amongst such a beautiful place and run my business due to internet then? I'm in agreement about homes increasing in value...

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    Currently, the only reliable method is to send a letter to this address: Jasper Association PO Box 855 Monte Vista, CO 81144 However, I understand that the association will be establishing an email address some time soon. We'll be sure to update that information here when it's available.