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Feb 12, 2018

Monday, Feb 12, 2018


Here's a 3rd hand weather report:


Jasper got about 9 inches yesterday and about 3 inches so far today.  Bob said the snow's real light right now and looks like it's clearing out.  Maybe a couple more inches Thurs.  

He thinks that there may be a foot or less on the ground by the weekend.  

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  • hike.mountains64
    4 days ago

    Sorry everyone no updates lately but the weather in Jasper has been really nice in the low 50's during the day and low to mid 20's and mostly sunny with no frozen sunshine and honestly we been taking advantage of them. The roads are dry but washboards are rough in many areas on 250. Sun is going behind Cornwall around 3:12 pm and the temps drop. Amazing stuff. Forecast next 10 days suggest of highs around 50° to 55° and mostly sunny!
  • jsomm2
    Nov 1

    The roads here in Jasper are snow packed in the shaded and treed areas. Open areas are dry. The warm sun has started to melt the 3-4" on the ground. Our high today was 51 with an overnite low of 3... For those coming up for season 3 of hunting, watch for snowy spots on FSR 250
  • hike.mountains64
    Oct 30

    Happy Monday October 28th, overnight snow accumulations were 3.5 inches and periods of snow during the day brought about an additional inch overnight lows of 22° and high today was 42°. Total season snowfall since Saturday is 5 inches